I create modern & responsive websites.

Bellova 13,623 00 Brno, Czech republic

Tel: (+421) 603 97 96 96

Do you need to optimize your website? Or create a new one? Please contact me by e-mail or by calling 603 97 96 96.

Who I am

I am an independent SEO / PPC / WEB / Google Analytics & Ecommerce consultant working in and outside Brno. I have more than 20 years of experience with online marketing, websites and SEO.


Search engine optimization


Creating or updating web pages


Online PPC campaigns with Google and Seznam networks

Tvorba webových stránek a SEO optimalizace Brno | Petr Sycha
Tvorba webových stránek a SEO optimalizace Brno | Petr Sycha
Tvorba webových stránek a SEO optimalizace Brno | Petr Sycha

About me

In 1999, I created the project, which was one of the first websites for parents in the Czech Republic. This project was awarded as the best startup. A part of the site was also an e-shop, which was the first e-shop for children’s goods in the Czech Republic. Over time, I created other sites for parents:, and In 2019 I sold and

Working on my projects, I gained experience in web design, publishing systems, Internet marketing, e-commerce and publishing.

For my clients I create new web pages or update existing ones, set web site statistics measurement, make SEO pages optimized to be seen in search engines, create and manage appropriate profiles on social networks (except Facebook and Twitter), set up PPC and banner advertising campaigns. I will also be happy to help you.

Petr Sycha

no facebook

After showing how Facebook is abusing users’ personal data, cheating and lying about their actions, I decided not to use this social network anymore. There are other online tools to reach the target audience.

no twitter

I am no longer here due to Twitter censorship.